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Purple Rose Necklace -Stained Glass Necklace


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Owl Necklace - Stained Glass Brown Owl Pendant Necklace


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Vintage Style Stained Glass Necklace - Victorian Filigree Necklace - Red or Green Glass


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Alice in Wonderland Necklace - Stained Glass Jewelry - Red and Bronze Necklace


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Colorful Geometric Necklace - Stained Glass Triangle Necklace


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Stained Glass Earrings -Green Earrings with Bird in Bronze


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Stained Glass Jewelry - Unique Stained Glass Creations

Handmade stained glass jewelry. Stained glass necklaces and pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets.

Every piece is made with much love and care.

I ship worldwide, everything is sent with registered mail.
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